You only have to see Kate Yeager perform once to answer the question of how this young singer/songwriter landed a coveted monthly residency at NYC's legendary The Bitter End in Greenwich Village. Her music is lyrically smart and musically memorable and her performances are engaging. Kate's songs speak of personal experience but connect on a universal level. Raised by parents who created their home in the country but grew up in New York City, Kate was raised in an accepting, liberal household - which all too often didn't match the views of those around her. 

Growing up on a tree farm, a love of music was instilled in Kate at a very young age, with music playing while she picked weeds and collected snails, 5 cents per snail. She sat on her dad's lap as he let her drive the tractor, listening to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band blasting over the roar of the engine. Kate even boasted to her mom that one day she would be Clarence Clemons. Obviously, her childhood dream was a bit unrealistic. However, Kate did pick up the saxophone though her musical interest quickly led her to guitar and piano. At 18, Kate moved to New York to attend college at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYC Tisch. Suddenly she was surrounded by like-minded people and a wealth of creativity. Inspiration came in every class room, in every new face and around every corner as her creative circle expanded.

She was pushed to grow and experiment as she also learned that, though motivations and experiences may differ, emotions are the same. The result is music with far reaching impact borne out when, in her junior year of college, Kate traveled to over ten countries where her music opened doors for new relationships.

Kate's philosophy is that her music is building a home - a home in which people's differences and identities aren't muted but rather celebrated. She wants the universal messages in her music to create an intimate connections through the honest, cheeky lyrics and catchy melodic lines with tinges of blues and folk. In her own words, Kate sees her music as a community - "for people who want to be lost and people who want to be found."

With no shortage of energy and motivation, while attending New York University, Kate released her debut EP, Your Girlfriend, and performs regularly throughout the New York area. Along with her monthly residency at The Bitter End and among her many other regional performances, she's also performed at 54 Below and has been featured in a "Future Songwriter of America" program at Lincoln Center.  Kate is a domestic and international Sofar Sounds Alum and has given a Tedx Talk.  For more information and music, please visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @KateYeagerMusic.
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Photographer: Leah Cuker

Musician: Kate Yeager